It happened in the village of Katiuzhanka, north of Kyiv. On February 28, our family was driving from my aunt’s house.

While driving, we came across a Russian military column. Russians started firing from all sides.

They hit the car tank.
They hit my dad.

Dad and stepmother died immediately.
Our car caught fire.

I got out of the car and started running. I heard people shouting “on the left,” and then they began shooting at me. I did not feel pain. Although, I knew that I had two bullets in my arm and thigh. Everything was numb.

I fell to the ground and did not move. Russians came up and tugged at my leg. There was a lot of blood, so they decided I was dead.
They went back.

I thought unless I did something, no one would help me. When they left, I began to crawl on with my arms under the fence.

Then people found me and sent me to the hospital. Dad and stepmother were buried in our village, Katiuzhanka.

This is a survival story. But thousands of Ukrainians will not be able to tell their stories — Russians killed them. Spread the truth. Help us bring Russia to justice for war crimes.

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