It was a simple trip to the mall with my husband to check the prices for a new blender.

Suddenly, it turned into something horrific… When an air-raid siren started we had just entered the store.

I was talking to a shop assistant when a 2,000-pound Russian missile landed on our mall.

I remember myself flying. I was flying headfirst somewhere. My whole body was beaten, all over, and shards were falling on me.

By the time I landed, two pieces of debris had fallen on me. My broken arm was dangling to the side. I called out to my husband for help. He had fallen unconscious.

My husband and I are at the hospital now. Considering what happened
at the mall, we came out well. At least, we came out. We survived.

This is a survival story. But thousands of Ukrainians will not be able to tell their stories — Russians killed them. Spread the truth. Help us bring Russia to justice for war crimes.

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