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Joe Biden signed a $61 billion aid package for Ukraine

On April 20, the US House of Representatives voted to pass a $95.3 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Following the decision, the US Senate also approved long-awaited military assistance, including almost $61 billion for Ukraine. On April 24, US President Joe Biden signed it into law.

Flags flutter as pro-Ukrainian supporters hold a peaceful demonstration
outside the US Capitol. April 20, 2024.
Photo: Ken Cedeno / Reuters

“I welcome the passage of the critical national security supplemental, which will help the Department of Defense support Ukraine and Israel, bolster security in the Indo-Pacific, and stand firm with our Allies and partners around the world. This bipartisan legislation will allow the Department to surge lifesaving security assistance to help Ukraine defend itself from Russia’s aggression,” commented US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin after the vote on April 20.

US Secretary of Defense stated that “this legislation is also an important investment in America’s future. By providing approximately $50 billion that will flow directly into our defense industrial base, this bill will create good American jobs in more than 30 states even as it reinforces U.S. long-term security.”

In particular, of the total amount of almost $61 billion, $23,2 billion is aimed to arm Ukraine, another $23 billion is planned to be used to replenish American weapons stocks, $11 billion to finance US operations in the region, and approximately $14 billion to purchase modern weapons systems.

Also, as part of the approved draft law, Ukraine will receive $7,85 billion in direct financial aid for the state budget.

Politicians from the US House of Representatives celebrate and wave flags
after approving the new military aid package for Ukraine.
April 20, 2024. Video screenshot: The Independent

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked the US House of Representatives and Speaker Michael Johnson in particular for supporting the new military aid package for Ukraine.

“Democracy and freedom will always matter in the world and will never be defeated as long as America helps protect them. The vital draft law on US aid passed today by the House of Representatives will help prevent the spread of war, save thousands and thousands of lives, and make both our nations stronger. A just peace and security can only be achieved through force. Thank you, America!”

Zelenskyy also added that it is essential to fill the package with weapons that Ukraine needs to repel the Russian forces. According to the President of Ukraine, it is important to avoid losing people at the frontline. Long-range weapons can be helpful under such conditions, as well as air defense systems. In addition, with the appropriate weapons, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have “every chance to regain the initiative”.