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Russia launched the biggest-ever attack on Ukraine’s energy system on November 15

Russia`s rocket attacks on critical infrastructure left ten million people without electricity. One person was killed and six were injured.

In a brutal attack on Ukrainian cities, Russia launched over 90 missiles and used Iranian “Shahed-136” drones. The deadly weapons were targeting energy infrastructure facilities and residential areas.

Russia hit 15 energy infrastructure facilities, which cause massive blackouts across Ukraine. As of the evening on November 15, around 80% of Lviv has no power, heating or warm water. In the Ternopil region, 90% of people have no electricity. The Kharkiv region reportedly has no power at all.

Due to the attacks, Ukrainians also experienced communication problems — bad cell phone connection and non-existing Internet. The network connectivity in Ukraine after Russia’s attacks dropped to only 67%.

In the Kyiv region, the missiles hit civilians — 10 buildings were damaged, at least 1 person was killed, and 1 more was injured. And in In Kryvyi Rih, emergency services rescued miners who were stuck underground for 4 hours because of the explosions in the city. In total, 566 (!) people were under threat.

Сraters left by Russian missile strikes in the Kyiv region.
Photo: Andrii Nebytov, the Head of the Kyiv region police

Ukrainian Air Defense Forces successfully shot down 73 missiles out of over 90 and destroyed 10 out of 10 “Shahed-136″ drones and 1 combat drone. 

November 15, 2022, became the day of the biggest attack on Ukraine’s energy system committed by Russia since it began its full-scale war against Ukraine, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine reports. This time, not only Ukraine’s energy system was under threat but also its neighbours’. In Moldova, citizens experienced large-scale power outages due to Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian cities. 

Russia is purposefully targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure to terrorize civilians and deprive them of light and heat during cold months. The terrorist state must be stopped and held accountable for these crimes.