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Over 12,000 damaged buildings in the Kyiv region have already been fully or partially restored

As of June 27, a total of 12,108 objects damaged due to Russian military aggression have been fully or partially restored in the Kyiv region.

“About 6,767 multi-storey buildings and private houses have been completely restored, and another 3,919 have been partially restored. We have already rebuilt 187 schools and kindergartens, 100 medical facilities, 67 administrative buildings, and administrative service centers (ASC),reported Ruslan Kravchenko, Head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration.

He also emphasized that priority is given to the reconstruction of residential buildings, as it will encourage the return of residents to the region, create additional job opportunities, and positively impact the region’s economic development.

In particular, 7 multi-storey buildings damaged due to the Russian military aggression are being restored in the Kyiv region under President Volodymyr Zelensky’s UNITED 24 initiative.

“One of the objects is a building in Irpin, located at Kyivska Street 3. It was partially destroyed by the Russian artillery shelling in March 2022. In this building, 46 apartments are subject to restoration,” informed Ruslan Kravchenko. He also added that, under the UNITED 24 initiative, the reconstruction of 11 more multi-storey buildings in the Kyiv region will begin by July 2023.


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Due to Russia’s full-scale invasion, 27,226 objects were destroyed or damaged in the Kyiv region. The most significant destruction occurred to housing, with 24,300 residential buildings affected. Additionally, 227 schools and kindergartens, 125 administrative buildings and administrative service centers (ASC), 128 medical establishments, and 138 cultural and religious facilities were destroyed or damaged in the region.