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The civilian ship under the Panama flag was struck by a Russian mine in the Black Sea

The bulk carrier encountered a Russian sea mine on its way to load grain at one of the Danube ports. As a result of the explosion, at least two crew members were injured, one of them was hospitalized.

Photo: State Border Guard Service of Ukraine / Facebook

Due to the blast wave, the vessel lost speed and control, and a fire broke out on the upper deck. To prevent the ship from sinking, the captain of the bulk carrier grounded the vessel on a sandbank.

“The patrol boats of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and the search and rescue service immediately assisted the crew and brought medics on board. One injured sailor received on-site medical assistance, while the other was transported to the nearest hospital. His condition is satisfactory,” reported the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. In addition, tugboats were sent to the ship to tow it off the sandbank and ensure its further delivery to the port.

After Russia started the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces have been actively using the Black Sea region for military purposes, as well as targeting civilian vessels with missiles and sea mines.

In response to such actions of the aggressor country, the UK and Norway have launched a maritime support initiative for Ukraine. The established Maritime Capability Coalition will deliver long-term support to Ukraine and provide training, equipment, and infrastructure to bolster security in the Black Sea amidst Russian military aggression. In particular, cleaning the Black Sea from enemy mines, as well as implementing countermeasures against the Russian naval fleet, which regularly attacks Ukrainian regions with missiles, are among the priorities.

On November 8, Russia hit a civilian marine vessel under the flag of Liberia in the Pivdennyi seaport in the Odesa region. Due to an enemy attack, the harbor pilot was killed, while four more people – a port employee and three crew members, citizens of the Republic of the Philippines – were injured.