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The ATACMS have proven themselves in Ukraine, Zelenskyy says

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy confirmed the use of the long-range ATACMS missiles against the Russian forces in an evening address on October 17.

Photo: Lockheed Martin

“Thanks to everyone who fights and works for the sake of Ukraine! Thanks to everyone who helps! And special thanks to the United States today. Our agreements with President Biden are being fulfilled. They are being fulfilled very accurately – the ATACMS have proven themselves”, said President Zelenskyy.

Ukraine had been long in negotiations with the US regarding the supply of ATACMS missiles, as they would allow Ukrainian forces to launch attacks deeper into the Russian rear on the temporarily occupied territories. 

The General Staff of Ukraine shared a video of ATACMS in action.

ATACMS is a US-made long-range guided missile that is able to hit targets at a distance of 165 to 300 kilometers, depending on the modification. ATACMS is not only long-range but also highly accurate. In addition, they are fired from the M142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS launchers, which Ukraine already uses to defend its territory from Russian invasion.

The US National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson also confirmed in her statement that “the United States recently provided Ukraine with a type of ATACMS capable of ranging out to 165 km” to help Ukrainians defend their territory against Russia’s full-scale invasion.

According to Watson, transferring long-range missiles to the Ukrainian military will “significantly boost Ukraine’s battlefield capabilities” without the USA “risking their military readiness”.