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Stories of people with disabilities whose lives were taken by war

“I used to take my mother in her wheelchair to our blossoming waterfront. She would chat with acquaintances, observe people, and watch the sunset. And she would always say, ‘How beautiful our Hola Prystan is!” recalls the daughter of Larysa, who was killed by the flood after Kakhovka HPP destruction.

“20 Days in Mariupol” wins Oscar for Best Documentary Feature

“This is the first Oscar in Ukrainian history, and I’m honored,” Chernov said, receiving an award. “Probably I will be the first director on this stage to say I wish I’d never made this film, I wish to be able to exchange this to Russia never attacking Ukraine.”

How the frontline city of Ochakiv lives

“Russian long-range artillery, large-caliber mortars, Kalibr cruise missiles, cluster munitions, air-to-ground missiles, and phosphorus munitions are attacking Ochakiv. All the weapons the Russian army has has been used in the shelling of Ochakiv,” says Oleksiі Vaskov, deputy mayor of Ochakiv.

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