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How the frontline city of Ochakiv lives

“Russian long-range artillery, large-caliber mortars, Kalibr cruise missiles, cluster munitions, air-to-ground missiles, and phosphorus munitions are attacking Ochakiv. All the weapons the Russian army has has been used in the shelling of Ochakiv,” says Oleksiі Vaskov, deputy mayor of Ochakiv.

Ukrainian documentary 20 Days in Mariupol nominated for the Oscars

“I have never cried so much while logging footage. I have never been so devastated by emotions. But also, I have never been so inspired by the work of a videographer who tells the story of his country during the war with such vision and determination,” shares the film’s editor, Michelle Mizner.

How does the frontline town of Orikhiv live

Before the full-scale invasion, more than 19 thousand people lived in the Orikhiv community. Now, about 1000 people remain here, and not a single high-rise building in the city is still intact.

Ukrainian energy workers killed by Russia

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russia has been deliberately targeting Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, and energy workers have to make repairs daily to provide light and heat to Ukrainian homes, even despite the constant danger.

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