«Women shall be especially protected against any attack on their honour, in particular against rape, enforced prostitution, or any form of indecent assault.» Art. 27. P.3. IV Geneva Convention. 12.08.1949.

The abhorrent cruelty of these crimes cannot go unpunished.

More and more evidence is emerging every day from women who escaped or were liberated from the occupied territories and told how the Russian occupiers raped them. Russian soldiers raped these women at night. During the day. In front of their children. After the Russians had murdered the women’s husbands.


Two occupiers shot her husband and then raped a 33-year-old Ukrainian woman in the village of Shevchenkove, in the Kyiv region

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The occupiers captured 25 girls between the ages of 14 and 24 in the Bucha basement to rape them constantly. Nine girls became pregnant

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A Russian soldier raped 29-year-old Luba from the Kharkiv region and then shot her elderly mother

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A Russian soldier raped a 19-year-old Kateryna from Mariupol in an empty apartment

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A Russian soldier raped a 31-year-old woman from the Kharkiv region in a room of a local school

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A Russian soldier raped Anna from a village near Borodyanka and threatened to kill her husband if he interfered

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