Hostages & Torture

«each of them is prohibited from taking any measure of such a character as to cause the physical suffering … of protected persons in their hands. This prohibition applies not only to … torture … but also to any other measures of brutality whether applied by civilian or military agents.» Art. 32. P.3. IV Geneva Convention. 12.08.1949

«The taking of hostages is prohibited.» Art. 34. P.1. IV Geneva Convention. 12.08.1949

It is impossible to count how many civilians the Russians have captured and tortured.

Every day the world learns more and more about the horrors committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine. No one is spared from their barbaric aggression, neither unarmed men, women or children. They are taking city deputies, journalists, and their relatives as hostages to try to pressure and silence Ukrainians from reporting Russia’s crimes.

Oleg survived three-day captivity. The Russians tortured him in the Kyiv regionOleg survived three-day captivity. The Russians tortured him in the Kyiv region
Three-day captivity

The Russians tortured Oleh in the Kyiv region

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90 days of captivity

The Russian military held the 16-year-old boy Vladyslav captive

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The man was kidnapped and told about torture and interrogation

“They do it… with a pleasure”, the Headman of a village in the Kherson region says about crimes of the Russian military

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Her dad almost lost his eyesight after beating.

17-years-old Mariupol resident Mariia Vdovychenko told about hiding in the basement and filtration camp after the evacuation

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Three-day captivity

79-year-old journalist Yevhen Bal died after being captured and tortured by the occupiers

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Prisoners of War

15 servicewomen returned from Russian captivity. The Russians tortured, mistreated them, and shaved their hair

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The Russians kidnapped the 75-year-old father of journalist Svitlana, editor of the Melitopol news site.
Two-day captivity

The Russians have taken hostage the elderly father of journalist Svitlana Zalizetska and demanded her return to the occupied city

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