Attacking civilians or civilian objects

«Civilian objects shall not be the target of attack or of reprisals. Attacks shall be limited strictly to military objectives.» Art. 52. Protocol I Additional to the Geneva Conventions. 08.06.1977.

The Russians destroyed more than 6,800 civilian infrastructure facilities, including power plants, gas pipelines, schools, kindergartens, and numerous residential buildings.

This section focuses on Russia’s savage attacks against civilian buildings and infrastructure. What is Russia’s target in this war? Peaceful family homes. Hospitals where people are already fighting for their lives. Kindergartens, schools, and even bomb shelters. They are trying to destroy people’s last hope for survival, right now as you are reading this.

an airstrike on a maternity ward in Mariupolan airstrike on a maternity ward in Mariupol
3 dead, including a child, 17 injured

The Russian military launched an airstrike on a maternity ward in Mariupol

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15-year-old volunteer died

Russia fired on the Feldman Ecopark during the evacuation of animals

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6 dead

Russian occupiers fired artillery at the Hirske amalgamated hromada of the Luhansk region

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18-20 injured and 8 dead, including a three-month-old baby

Russian troops launched a missile strike on Odessa

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Russian troops fired four rockets at the city of Lviv
7 dead, 11 injured

Russian troops fired four rockets at Lviv, where hundreds of thousands of people evacuated from the rest of Ukraine

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5 dead, 15 injured

Russian troops fired at the residential area of Mykolaiv

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50 dead, 98 injured (including 16 child)

Russian military launches two Tochka-U missiles at the Kramatorsk railway station in Donbas during the evacuation of civilians

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