Relatives and friends at the memorial service for 45-year-old soldier Viktor Bidzilia. May 7.

By Serhii Hudak

People in Kyiv organized an action to support militaries in Mariupol. May 3.


Volunteers saved the cat from the seventh floor of the destroyed building in Borodyanka. May 2022.

By Yevhen Kibets

Non-government organizations in Odesa held an exhibition “Shoulder to shoulder”. May 2.

Photo from Kateryna Radchenko Facebook page

A girl plays with her mother near the destroyed building in Borodianka. May 2.

By Zohra Bensemra

The fallen Ukrainian soldiers at the cemetery in Dnipro. May 1.

By Svitlana Chernuhina

A woman cooks near the destroyed house in Mariupol. April 2022.

By Oleksii Olexandrov

Fire after a rocket hit at Kyiv. April 28.

By The New York Times

Residents of Mykolaiv gathered the water from the river after the Russian rocket interrupted the water supply in the city. April 22. By Kostia Liberov
A couple in the destroyed Mariupol. April 2022. By Mariupol city council
After the Russian occupation, the woman from Makariv was left with only a barn with a cow. Now the cow helps her to earn money. April 21. By Artem Halkin
Russian missiles hit residential buildings in Odesa. Eight people died, including a three-month-old baby. April 23. By Kostia Liberov
Kids in Chernihiv were making chalk drawings on the walls while Russian troops bombed the ‘Ukraine’ hotel. April 27.

By Natalia Azarkina

Leo Soto from Miami arrived in Ukraine and organized a “Wall of Memory” action in Lviv. The man printed photos of the dead people and decorated the memorial with artificial flowers. April 27.

By Mykyta Pechenyk

10-year-old Milena walks among a pile of destroyed vehicles in Irpin. April 2022. By Timothy Fadek
The woman holds the most valuable things she managed to take out of Mariupol. April 2022. By AP
10-year-old Vova at the funeral of his mother, Maryna, in Bucha. The woman died during the Russian occupation. April 2022. By Emilio Morenatti
More than 500 adults and children attended the “Easter together” event at the Ukrainian Catholic University. Usually, students organize a holiday in the southern and eastern regions, but they receive guests at home nowadays. April 24. By Olia Shakhnyk
10-year-old Emma from Uzhhorod plays the flute to raise money for the military. Her father defends Ukraine on the front line. April 18. By Serhii Hudak
Tetiana hugs her neighbor before burying her husband. Russian troops killed the man at Bucha. April 26.

By Emilio Morenatti

Russia's war crimes

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