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Timeline of war
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Rocket attacks on Vyshhorod in the Kyiv region on November 23. 7 people were killed. 30 citizens were injured and hospitalized. Local residential buildings, a kindergarten, and a school were damaged. – Andrii Niebytov, Kyiv regional police chief


Russian occupiers shelled Kherson on the evening of November 24. 7 people were killed. 21 citizens were injured. Local residential buildings and a children’s playground were damaged. – Yaroslav Yanushevych, Head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration


Ukraine’s environmental losses during the 9 months of Russia’s full-scale invasion are estimated at 1,387 billion hryvnias. – Ihor Zubovych, Temporary Acting Head of the State Environmental Inspection of Ukraine


On November 24, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 2 Russian anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM), 4 enemy command posts, an enemy unloading station for weapons and military equipment, a Russian ammunition depot, and a repeater. – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, 440 Ukrainian children have died, 849 children have been injured. Most victims among children are from the Donetsk region. – Prosecutor General’s Office


Total combat losses of Russian aggressors in Ukraine from 24 February to 25 November (approximation): 86150 troops; 2899 tanks; 5844 armored vehicles; 1895 artillery systems; 395 MLRS; 209 anti-aircraft warfare systems; 278 aircraft; 261 helicopters; 4404 military auto vehicles and fuel tanks; 16 military boats; 1553 tactical UAVs; 163 special military equipment; 531 cruise missiles. Russian enemy suffered the greatest losses (of the past day) at the Bakhmut and Lyman directions. – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Russian occupiers shelled Kherson and the region on November 24. 10 people were killed. 54 citizens were injured. Local residential buildings and a children’s playground were damaged. – Yaroslav Yanushevych, Head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration


President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has welcomed the decision of the parliaments of Ireland, Moldova and Romania to recognize the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as genocide of the Ukrainian people. – Official Twitter page of the President of Ukraine


Since October 10, at least 77 Ukrainian civilians have been killed and another 272 injured due to missile attacks by Russian troops on energy facilities in Ukraine. – Volker Türk, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights


The French government has sent Ukraine 100 high-capacity generators. – Catherine Colonna, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs


The Norwegian government will provide approximately NOK 150 million in support to the EU Military Assistance Mission for Ukraine. – Press release of the Norwegian Government


In the last 24 hours, Russian troops shelled the Kherson, the Zaporizhzhia, the Kharkiv, the Sumy, the Dnipropetrovsk, the Donetsk, and the Luhansk regions. 10 people were killed. 58 citizens were injured [conservative estimates, real numbers are likely higher]. – Information from Regional Military Administrations

See the war

People hiding at the Kyiv metro during Russian massive missile attack. December 5, 2022.

Photo from svitlankatut / Twitter

“A cemetery” of Russian shells and missiles launched on the city of Kharkiv.

By Konstantin & Vlada Liberov

The price of freedom. Bakhmut, the Donetsk region. November 2022.

By Serhii Nuzhnenko

Serhii watched with pursed lips as the bodies of his father and grandmother were pulled out from a grave near their home in the Kherson region. Russian murderers shot them in their heads.

By Lynsey Addario for The New York Times

A wounded man and his wife after a Russian strike in Kherson.

By Bernat Armangue / Associated Press

Trenches near Bakhmut. In the cold and mud, Ukrainian soldiers fight the Russian invaders back.

By Victor Borinets

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