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Timeline of war
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Today, on 24 of February 2022, at 5.00 AM the armed forces of the Russian Federation launched intensive shelling of our units in the east, delivered missile/bomb strikes on airfields at Boryspil, Ozerne, Kulbakino, Chuhuiv, Kramatorsk, Chornobaivka, as well as on military infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time the aggressor started artillery shelling of the areas and settlements along the state border and administrative boundary with temporarily occupied territory of Crimea. The National Defence Forces, using the right for self-defence according to Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, are countering with dignity the enemy`s attempts to break through the state border. The situation is under control. Russian troops are suffering losses. In the Joined Forces Operation area, 5 aircraft and 2 helicopters of Russian Aerospace Forces have been hit, two tanks damaged, several trucks of the armed forces of the Russian Federation destroyed. There are no losses among the defenders.


Khmelnytskyi region: as a result of artillery shelling, ignition of the fuel and lubricants warehouse of the military unit of the village of Starokostiantyniv. Fire in military depots with. Radushintsi, Poltava region, village Rozsoshkiv, Cherkasy region.
The military unit in the village of Kamianka Buzka, Lviv region.
S. Ivnytsia, Zhytomyr Region — a shell hit on the territory of a military unit.
M. Ivano-Frankivsk shell hit in a military unit.
Dnipropetrovsk region: Krasnopillia and Marhanets fire at military depots.
Vinnytsia region: the town of Tulchyn and the village of Bokhan – fire in military units.
Kyiv region: fire of a military unit near Brovary.
The villages of Horodyshche and Milove in the Luhansk region were captured.
The shelling of Lutsk airfield (1 SES was injured).


SES units perform assigned tasks, provide assistance to local authorities in alerting and evacuating the population. Rescue equipment is on display at the entrance / exit from Kyiv, communication is provided, the control system is working. Every hour we inform people about the situation and the measures taken. Columns of the Russians tanks have entered Luhansk Region across the frontier at Krasna Talivka, Milove, Horodyshche. The enemy fronted the columns with white automobiles bearing OSCE emblem. Combat action continues in this direction. Border guards together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine are keeping the defence. According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 6 planes of Russian air force have been downed. Uman: a shell hits the city centre. One civilian dead, five more hospitalised. Uman District announces evacuation of civilian population 30 kilometers around Rozsishky. Two unidentified targets approached Zmiinyi Island in the Black Sea. Threats are heard from Russians who are demanding that Ukrainian servicemen surrender. The aggressor has used the international channel for navigation safety. The border guards are holding defence with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Odesa: missile attack continues.
Kyiv Region: a building belonging to the National Guard of Ukraine has been hit, likely with missiles. No confirmed information on casualties yet.
Mortar fire at Derhachi Air Force base, Kharkiv Region.
Vuhledar, Donetsk Region: three civilian dead in shelling.
Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are steadfastly defending the nation.
They have managed to halt the enemy advance in Chernihiv Region.
Heavy fighting underway towards Kharkiv and withing the Joint Forces Operation zone, where the enemy is suffering human and material losses.
Our forces have regained full control of the cities of Mariupol and Shchastia. At least six enemy planes, two helicopters and dozens of armoured vehicles have been destroyed.
Kherson area: the situation remains complicated, however defence forces are repelling the enemy.


Rivne Region: repositioning of armor and military vehicles noted in Belarusian territory in proximity of Butove, Zarichanskyi District, and Horodyshche, Durbovytskyi District.
Kherson Region: Novooleksandrivka, Kalanchak District – a column of 20 military vehicles is moving from Crimea.
Chornobyl Exclusion Zone: a bridge across River Cherevach destroyed.
In response to Russian aggression, Ukrainian police has stepped up measures to administrate the law in the streets of cities and villages. Police detachments are ensuring security and safety of the citizens and publuc order.


Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Foreces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi: “Ukrainian military have taken prisoners — two Russian occupiers of unit 91701 of Yampol motorised infantry regiment.
The enemy is suffering losses.
Four enemy tanks have been burned on Kharkiv ring road.
Russian troops are storming the border in Zhytomyr Region.
Enemy military equipment has crossed at Vilcha checkpoint.
Border guards together with Ukrainian military accepted battle.
Grad strikes have been delivered to the border guard station at Mlachivka.
Depending on the situation, border guard units redeploy to reserve positions and interact with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard.
The enemy has attacked not only border units but also targets in Ukraine’s city.
The main objective is to alarm the public and put certain military installations and critical infrastructure out of service.


As of 13:00 on Februar The enemy continues the offensive with the support of army aircraft crossing the Ukrainian border in the directions of Armiansk – Kherson, Chaplinka — Kakhovka. The work of sabotage and reconnaissance groups in the Besarabian operational area and in the Black Sea operational zone is noted. The Allied Forces moved on to a defense operation. Identified operational groups of troops regrouped and moved to areas of task to effectively repel Russian aggression. Operational and tactical groups are conducting defensive battles in all directions of the enemy’s advance. The Russian armed forces launched more than 30 strikes with “Caliber” cruise missiles, MLRS, aircraft and artillery on Ukrainian civil and military infrastructure.


The Ukrainian military is fighting in the direction of Sumy Border guards with the Armed Forces and the National Guard engaged in battle with the Russian occupiers on the outskirts of Sumy. The Ukrainian military is defending itself. According to available information, the Russian Federation is carrying out an offensive from the Konotop city.


From the territory of the Republic of Belarus 4 ballistic missiles were launched towards Southwestern direction.


General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 20:00, EET: Russia continues its full-scale aggression against Ukraine. As of now, 60 tactical groups (400-800 troops) have been deployed on the territory of Ukraine (out of 90).
Actions are carried out along the Ukraine’s northern state border, i.e. the Republic of Belarus, from where SU-25SM aircrafts set off (LUNINETS airfield).


The Statement from the press centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine:

  • the occupiers fired at our positions 393 times today, 24 February 2022;
  • Russian troops destroyed 6 control posts and fired at 32 civilian objects;
  • Zmiinyi Island (aka Serpent Island) in the Black sea continues to be under control of Ukraine, the hostile ships left.

A curfew will be introduced in some Ukrainian cities: compliance is essential for protecting the civilian population.


Control over the airport in Hostomel has been restored, according to the Verkhovna Rada.
Russia is using aviation to secure breakthrough on the ground, incl. for capturing the strategic objects. Military helicopters and aircraft are in use, acc. to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.


Ukrainian Territorial Defense unit defeated enemy’s combat units with light weapon in Sumska oblast (Ministry of Defence of Ukraine).


57 dead, at least 169 wounded in Ukraine during the first day of the Russian invasion, 24 February 2022, says the Ukrainian Minister of Health, Viktor Liashko.

Out of 57 victims of the Russian aggression:

  • Odesa oblast: 22 military personnel;
  • Zaporizhzhia oblast: 1 military personnel;
  • Donetsk Oblast: 4 — as a result of hospital attack;
  • Kyiv oblast, Brovary: 6 — after shelling of the city of Brovary, 26 km outside Kyiv;
  • Kyiv oblast, Obukhiv: 5 dead after plane crash;
  • Sumy Oblast: 3 lost their lives in battles within the central area of Sumy;
  • Kherson Oblast: 13 dead, incl. two children;
  • Vinnytsia oblast, Kalynivka: 2 dead after the fire broke out at the military warehouse was attacked.

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Russian troops break through to Mykolaiv. There are battles in the vicinity of Chernihiv.

War News

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Women from the volunteer center “Zmist” in Poltava make a camouflage net for Ukrainian defenders.

By Elena Tita

Active construction of the fortifications on the second defense lines is currently ongoing in the Sumy and Kharkiv regions.

By Konstantyn & Vlada Liberov

On Independence Square in Kyiv, a peaceful demonstration was held by the families of Ukrainian defenders who were reported missing during hostilities. Currently, more than 37,000 Ukrainian citizens are considered missing under extraordinary circumstances, including Ukrainian soldiers.

By Andrii Yakymenko / Instagram

A rehabilitation center for Ukrainian soldiers who have partially or entirely lost their sight due to combat injuries in the Lviv region. Here, Ukrainian defenders learn to navigate in space, move on their own, cook food, work with a computer and mobile, and learn Braille.

By Konstantyn & Vlada Liberov

A rehabilitation center for Ukrainian soldiers who have partially or entirely lost their sight due to combat injuries in the Lviv region. Here, Ukrainian defenders learn to navigate in space, move on their own, cook food, work with a computer and mobile, and learn Braille.

By Konstantyn & Vlada Liberov

A Ukrainian soldier, Bohdan, call-sign “Khimik” from the 5th Assault Brigade of the AFU, cooks as his fellow soldier Serhii, call-sign “Moped,” plays with a cat after their return from a 4-day frontline rotation near Chasiv Yar, the Donetsk region. April 2024.

By Roman Pilipey for AFP Photo

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