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On November 21, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 3 Russian ammunition depots in the Kherson region. – Serhii Bratchuk, Spokesman for the Odesa Regional Military Administration


Rocket attacks on the maternity ward in the city of Vilniansk in the Zaporizhzhia region on November 23. 2 people, a doctor and a woman in labor, were rescued from the rubble. 1 baby was killed. The two-story building of the local hospital’s maternity ward was destroyed. – Press service of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine


Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, 438 Ukrainian children have died, 841 children have been injured. Most victims among children are from the Donetsk region. – Prosecutor General’s Office


Total combat losses of Russian aggressors in Ukraine from 24 February to 23 November (approximation): 85410 troops; 2897 tanks; 5832 armored vehicles; 1887 artillery systems; 395 MLRS; 209 anti-aircraft warfare systems; 278 aircraft; 261 helicopters; 4396 military auto vehicles and fuel tanks; 16 military boats; 1537 tactical UAVs; 161 special military equipment; 480 cruise missiles. Russian enemy suffered the greatest losses (of the past day) at the Avdiivka, Bakhmut, and Lyman directions. – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Russian aggressors fired missiles at the civilian infrastructure in the Kherson region on November 22. 2 people were killed, including 1 child. 10 citizens were injured, including 2 children. – Yaroslav Yanushevych, Head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration


The European Parliament has adopted a resolution recognizing the Russian Federation as a state – sponsor of terrorism. – Official Twitter page of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine


Due to massive shellings by Russian troops on November 23, the South Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi, and Rivne NPP were disconnected from the energy system of Ukraine. – Press service of the State Enterprise NNEGC “Energoatom”


Due to today’s Russian missile attacks on the energy system of Ukraine, massive power outages have been also recorded in some regions of Moldova. – Andrii Spînu, Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova


Russian occupiers shelled Kyiv and the region on November 23. 5 people were killed. 29 citizens were injured. An object of the infrastructure and two residential buildings were hit. Kyiv was left without a water supply and partly without electricity. The Kyiv region has faced a blackout, some districts have no heating or running water. – Press service of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration


On November 27, Russian troops fired missiles at critical infrastructure facilities in different regions of Ukraine. As a result, the Odesa region has been left without electricity and water supply. In Odesa, central heating and public transport systems are suspended. Parts of the Lviv region and Lviv experience blackouts. The Chernihiv and the Kirovohrad regions have also been left without an electricity supply. – Information from Regional Military Administrations


Another exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and Russia has taken place. 35 Ukrainian servicemen and 1 civilian have returned home. – Andrii Yermak, Head of the Presidential Office


During today’s massive missile attack, Ukrainian air defense forces shot down 51 cruise missiles out of 70 fired by Russian aggressors at different regions of Ukraine. Moreover, 5 enemy kamikaze drones were successfully destroyed. – Press service of the Air Force Command of UA Armed Forces


US President Joe Biden has announced a new military aid package of $400 million for Ukraine. – Official website of the White House


In the last 24 hours, Russian troops shelled the Kharkiv, the Zaporizhzhia, the Sumy, the Donetsk, the Kherson, the Vinnytsia, the Kirovohrad, the Lviv, the Chernihiv, the Kyiv, the Dnipropetrovsk, and the Khmelnytskyi regions. 14 people were killed. 62 citizens were injured [conservative estimates, real numbers are likely higher]. – Information from Regional Military Administrations

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On April 22, 2024, Russia hit the Kharkiv TV tower with a Kh-59 missile. As a result, there is no digital broadcast signal in Kharkiv and nearby settlements.

Photo from Oleh Syniehubov, Head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration

On April 22, 2024, Russia hit the Kharkiv TV tower with a Kh-59 missile. As a result, there is no digital broadcast signal in Kharkiv and nearby settlements.

Photo from Oleh Syniehubov, Head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration

Women from the volunteer center “Zmist” in Poltava make a camouflage net for Ukrainian defenders.

By Elena Tita

Active construction of the fortifications on the second defense lines is currently ongoing in the Sumy and Kharkiv regions.

By Konstantyn & Vlada Liberov

On Independence Square in Kyiv, a peaceful demonstration was held by the families of Ukrainian defenders who were reported missing during hostilities. Currently, more than 37,000 Ukrainian citizens are considered missing under extraordinary circumstances, including Ukrainian soldiers.

By Andrii Yakymenko / Instagram

A rehabilitation center for Ukrainian soldiers who have partially or entirely lost their sight due to combat injuries in the Lviv region. Here, Ukrainian defenders learn to navigate in space, move on their own, cook food, work with a computer and mobile, and learn Braille.

By Konstantyn & Vlada Liberov

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