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Kyiv city authorities reported several explosions in houses and on the territory of one of the shopping centers. Rescuers are extinguishing a large fire in the shopping center in the Podil district of Kyiv.  It is known about at least one victim. The information is still being clarified.


2361 civilian casualties in Ukrainewere recorded by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) since the started of armed Russian aggression. These are conservative, verified numbers. The real numbers are likely to be much higher.


Two people were hospitalized, 200 more were evacuated after a shell hit a high-rise building in the Sviatoshynskyi district of Kyiv on March 20, the Kyiv City State Administration reported.


On March 20, Russian occupiers stole several ships in the harbor of Berdiansk with a cargo of tens of thousands of tonnes of grain. – Head of Zaporizhia Regional  Administration


In Luhansk region, Russian troops continue shelling on Severodonetsk, Rubizhne, and Popasna. During the past 24hrs, 20 buildings were destroyed or damaged, including 12 residential buildings. No killed were reported.


During the night, Russian forces shelled an ammonia plant in Sumy district. A toxic ammonia cloud formed. Emergency services are dispersing it. No casualties reported so far. – State Emergency Service


Russian forces made two rocket strikes against a military base in Rivne region. No further details available as of now. – Head of Rivne Regional Administration


Update on the night shelling of Kyiv shopping mall: 8 dead, 1 person injured. Fires have been extinguished. – State Emergency Service


Russian ships opened fire on Odesa, damaging several private homes. No casualties reported. – Head of Odesa Military Administration


More than 3 million Ukrainians have been forced to leave for European countries due to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. 11-12 million have been internally displaced within Ukraine. – Adviser to the Head of the President’s Office.


Russian artillery and air strikes during the night of 20-21 March damaged 6 residential buildings, burned down a shopping mall, damaged 2 schools and 2 kindergartens. Air pollution has increased as well. – Kyiv City Administration


A group of local media representatives was kidnapped by the Russian occupiers in Melitopol. Information is being updated. – Radio Liberty


The destruction of Ukrainian Mariupol by Russian troops is a large-scale war crime, said Josep Borrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign and security policy. He noted that Russian forces are indiscriminetely bombing civilians, homes and civil infrastructure, killing and injuring residents of the city en masse.


Zhytomyr Region was shelled for the first time from BM-21 “Grad” rocket artillery system. Four people have been reported killed so far. – Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration.


Russian occupation forces have shelled Avdiivka using aviation and artillery. At least one person was killed, two more were injured. – Head of Donetsk Region Administration


Sea ports of Mariupol, Berdyansk, Skadovsk and Kherson are temporarily non-operational due to Russian aggression, arrival/departure of ships is currently impossible, press service of the Infrastructure Ministry reports.


A peaceful pro-Ukrainian rally was dispersed by the russian military in temporarily occupied Kherson. The russian troops shot at the crowd using tear gas and flash grenades. Injuries are reported, an ambulance has arrived on site. – Suspilne News (based on witness reports)


Russian occupying forces continue to kidnap local community leaders and heads of town/city councils. In the morning of March 21, they kidnapped the head of the Tsirkunivsk town council (Kharkiv region) from his home. His current location and status is unknown. – Tsirkunivsk local media


Russian occupiers kidnapped the mayor of Beryslav (Kherson region) and a local activist on Saturday, March 19. They have been held in captivity for three days. The mayor was allowed to call his family yesterday. Their exact location is unknown. – Kherson Region Administration


Since the start of the war, Russian invaders have shelled 135 hospitals, 9 of which have been completely destroyed. The occupiers have also fired at 43 ambulances and killed 6 medical workers. – Minister of Health of Ukraine


5 children have been hospitalized in critical condition after Russian forces opened fire on families and refugees evacuating out of Mariupol in private vehicles. – Head of Zaporizhia Regional Administration


8057 people were evacuated on 21 March via humanitarian corridors. 3007 of them traveled from Mariupol to Zaporizhia [Mariupol had a population of 400,000]. – Deputy Head of the President’s Office

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Mykhailo Bakaliuk, 41, a Ukrainian amputee soldier injured during the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Zaporizhzhia region, uses a machine to learn how to walk with a prosthetic leg. Lviv, September 2023.

By Roman Pilipey for AFP News Agency

Bohdan, a Ukrainian soldier from the 10th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade “Edelveis,” keeps practicing playing his musical instrument, a trembita, when he has free time.

By Kostiantyn Liberov & Vlada Liberova

A road sign damaged by cluster munition due to a Russian shelling on the outskirts of Kharkiv.

By Ivan Alvarado / Reuters

A Ukrainian serviceman stands in position near the border with Belarus in the Zhytomyr region. September 2023.

By Gleb Garanich / Reuters

A Ukrainian soldier is preparing to release a drone that will fly over temporarily occupied territories in search of Russian heavy weapons and air defense installations. September 2023.

By Lynsey Addario

At night on September 25, 2023, Russian forces targeted the port infrastructure in Odesa with drones and missiles. Due to another enemy attack, a well-known city location — a seaport building with a nearby hotel, as well as a grain warehouse, suffered destruction.

By Andrii Stavnitser / Facebook

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