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Russian invaders attacked Odesa from the air this morning. Several missiles were shot down by air defense – Odesa city council.


In the Luhansk region, a section of the damaged main gas pipeline was localized and the normal mode of gas supply was restored for more than 100,000 residents – the state operator of the gas transmission system of Ukraine.


In the mass graves of Bucha 280 people were discovered. The city infrastructure and housing were severely damaged by Russian forces and its streets were covered with the bodies of dead civilians – Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk.


Stunned by the atrocities in Bucha and other cities in Ukraine. Reports of attacks by Russian troops on innocent civilians are disgusting. The perpetrators will be brought to justice – UK Foreign Secretary Lizzie Truss.


Lithuanian director Mantas Kvedaravičius died in Mariupol with a camera in his hands. He was the author of “Mariupolis,” a film about life in the front-line city – Ukrainian director Vitaly Mansky.


The Russians are fighting a war that violates all international conventions and kills civilians en masse. In connection with this, all residents of Luhansk Region must leave the war zone as soon as possible – Head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration Serhiy Gaidai.


As a result of yesterday’s shelling of Kremenchug, the russians destroyed the infrastructure of the Kremenchug oil refinery – Dmitry Lunin, Head of the Poltava regional military administration.


After the liberation of Kyiv region, the bodies of Motyzhyn village head Olga Sukhenko, as well as her husband and son, were found. They were taken captive by Russian occupiers on March 23 – Makarov village Head Vadim Tokar.


Intense shelling and air strikes in Izyum, which began on March 6, were barbaric and chaotic in nature, the invaders destroyed everything they could reach – Izyum Deputy Mayor Vladimir Matsokin.


Total combat losses of Russian aggressors in Ukraine from February 24 to April 2 (approximate): 18,000 servicemen; 644 tanks; 1,830 armored vehicles; 325 artillery systems; 105 MLRS ; 54 anti-aircraft systems; 143 aircraft; 134 helicopters; 1,249 military vehicles; 7 military boats; 76 fuel tanks; 89 tactical UAVs; 24 units of special vehicles; 4 SRBM – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



Units of Ukrainian paratroopers have taken control of the Pripyat area and a section of the state border with the Republic of Belarus – the command of the Ukrainian paratroopers and assault troops.


In the morning of April 3, another russian SU-24 fighter-bomber was shot down. Three more cruise missiles were also shot down in the southern direction Air Force of the AFU spokesman Yuriy Gnat.


The territory of one of the villages of the Apostolovo community (Kryvyi Rih district) was shelled by enemy soldiers with cluster munitions – the Head of the Apostolovo Andrey Osa.


Since April 1st, the natural gas system UAB Conexus Baltic Grid operator has not been supplying Russian gas to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. These countries do not intend to pay for gas supplies in rubles. – Uldis Bariss, Chairman of the Board


As a result of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, 23,000 km of Ukrainian roads have been destroyed. The damage is estimated at UAH 874 billion. – Andriy Ivko, First Deputy Head of Ukravtodor


Russian occupiers starve Ukrainian war prisoners and do not give them water. Soldiers of the Ukrainian National Guard were captured on February 24th during the assault on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. – Ombudsman Liudmyla Denisova


Germany will tighten sanctions against the Russian Federation and provide Ukraine with even more outstanding support in the war against Russian aggressors. – Annalena Berbock, German Foreign Minister


Alexander Shapovalov, the mayor of Berislav, and Alexander Medvedev, the mayor of Snovsk, have been released from the captivity of the Russian occupiers. – Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv


Ukraine convenes a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council. On the agenda are the mass murderers and tortures of civilians committed by Russian troops in the Kyiv region, particularly in Bucha. – Permanent Mission of Ukraine to international organizations in Vienna


70% of Chernihiv has been destroyed due to shelling by Russian occupiers. – Vladislav Atroshenko, Mayor of Chernihiv


Russian troops have launched another missile strike on Vasilkov. Several people have been injured and evacuated to a local hospital, one of them – in critical condition. The rescue operation is ongoing. – Air Command “Center”


Ukraine’s direct one-time losses from the war with the Russian Federation have amounted to $565 billion. Also, the Ukrainian economy has lost more than $54 billion of capital investments over this period. – Igor Diadyura, Deputy Minister of Economy


410 bodies of civilians killed by Russian troops have been discovered in Kyiv region. – Irina Venediktova, Prosecutor General


In Irpin, the Russian occupiers shot women and girls and drove over their bodies with tanks. – Alexander Markushin, Mayor of Irpin


Since the start of the war, there have been three times more hacker attacks on Ukrainian sites (government institutions, the financial and defense sectors, telecom operators, local authorities, logistics companies, and the media) than in the same period last year.  – State Service for Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine


Russian occupiers have blocked 17 evacuation buses with civilians at the checkpoint from Berdyansk to Zaporizhzhia. – Irina Vereshchuk, Vice Prime Minister


Russian troops have shelled the Slobidskyi District in Kharkiv. At least 23 people have been injured, including children, some were killed. Information on the number of victims is being clarified. – Oleg Sinegubov, Head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration


Russian troops have shelled Mykolaiv. 14 people have been taken to the hospital, 11 have been hospitalized, among them a 15-year-old child. – Press service of the Mykolaiv regional military administration


In Balakliya, Russian aggressors have shelled an evacuation column. One of the drivers was killed. – Oleg Sinegubov, Head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration


Russian occupiers have fired cluster munitions at the villages of Zaporozhye, Vladimirovka, and Voznesenskoye in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Infrastructure and civilians have not been affected. – Prosecutor General’s Office

War News

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Ukraine has returned home 95 Ukrainian servicemen as a result of the exchange of POWs with Russia on July 17, 2024.

Photo: Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine

Ukraine has returned home 95 Ukrainian servicemen as a result of the exchange of POWs with Russia on July 17, 2024.

Photo: Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War

There are at least 16 injured in the Okhmatdyt hospital. Seven of them are children. Two hospital staff members were killed. July 8, 2024.

Photo: Ihor Klymenko, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Russian forces launched a massive missile strike on Kyiv. Civilians help to clear the rubble of the Ohmatdyt children’s hospital. July 8, 2024.

Photo: Bohdan Kutiepov / Ukrainska Pravda

Patients of the Ohmatdyt children’s hospital in Kyiv, which was hit by an enemy missile, are evacuated to municipal hospitals in the city. July 8, 2024. 

Photo: Kostiantyn & Vlada Liberov

Ohmatdyt. A direct hit by a Russian missile on the largest children’s hospital in Ukraine. Civilians are helping to clear the debris as people may still be under the rubble. July 8, 2024.

Photo: Kostiantyn & Vlada Liberov

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