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Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, Russian troops have destroyed or damaged 205 religious buildings in Ukraine. – Press service of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine


The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 5 Russian 152-mm self-propelled howitzers 2A65 “Msta-B”, a self-propelled artillery unit “Akatsiia”, 2 self-propelled artillery systems, 3 mobile mortars, 6 ammunition depots, and 2 enemy command posts in the Kherson, the Beryslav, and the Henicheskyi regions in the South of Ukraine on August 31. – Operational Command “South”


Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, Russian troops have committed 31,059 war crimes against Ukraine and its citizens. – Prosecutor General’s Office


Russian aggressors fired missiles at the Donetsk region on August 31. 5 people were killed. 12 citizens were injured. – Pavlo Kyrylenko, Head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration


Rocket attacks on the Chuhuiv, Izium, Bohodukhiv, and Kharkiv districts in the Kharkiv region on August 31. 1 person was killed. 5 citizens were injured, including a 13-year-old boy. Local residential buildings, private autos, an ambulatory building, and an agricultural enterprise infrastructure were damaged. – Oleh Syniehubov, Head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration


On September 1, Ukrainian air defense forces shot down a Russian missile in the Odesa region. – Operational Command “South”


Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, 380 Ukrainian children have died, 736 children have been injured. Most victims among children are from the Donetsk region. – Prosecutor General’s Office


The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a Russian pontoon bridge in the village of Darivka in the Kherson region on September 1. – Vladyslav Nazarov, Spokesman of the operational command “South”


The Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down 2 Russian UAVs and an enemy helicopter Ka-52 in the East of Ukraine on August 31. – Press service of the Air Force Command of UA Armed Forces


Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, Russian occupiers have damaged 2,328, and destroyed 289 educational establishments in Ukraine. – Oleksii Serhieiev, Head of the Organizational and Analytical Support and Operational Response Department of the National Police of Ukraine


As of September 1, 1,356 dead bodies of Ukrainian civilians killed by Russian occupiers have been found in the Kyiv region. 207 people are reported missing. – Andrii Niebytov, Kyiv regional police chief


The Finnish government has approved the decision to provide Ukraine with a new military aid package. No additional information is disclosed “to ensure its safe delivery”. – Official website of the Ministry of Defence of Finland


In the last 24 hours, Russian troops shelled the Zaporizhzhia, the Kharkiv, the Dnipropetrovsk, the Donetsk, the Odesa, the Luhansk, the Mykolaiv, and the Kherson regions. 6 people were killed. 19 citizens were injured. – Information from Regional Military Administrations

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Defender of Mariupol is back from Russian captivity after 4 months. September 21, 2022.

Photo from the Press Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Azovstal defenders released
215 Ukrainian defenders were released, including part of the soldiers from Azovstal. For the last four months they were in Russian captivity. September 21, 2022

Photo by Volodymyr Zolkin

Mykhailo Dianov, senior sergeant of the 36th brigade, in Azovstal. Dianov was among those, released from Russian captivity on September 21, 2022.

Photo by Dmytro “Orest” Kozatskyi

ukrainian serviceman died
People said their last goodbye to Roman Kosenko who died during the battles for Izium on March 9. Only after liberation of the city in September, it became possible to retrieve his body.

By Konstantin & Vlada Liberov

This man was one of the 17 buried in a mass grave in Izium. He lived and died defending Ukraine in the Armed Forces. 

By Yurii Larin

Mass burial site was found in the city of Izium after the Russian occupation.

By Marian Kushnir

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