To Defenders of Freedom

Yura, an actor at Kyiv’s Theater on Podil, joined the territorial defense of his district

If it were not for the war, he would have taken part in the premiere of a play and the shooting of a Ukrainian film. In the first days of the invasion, as part of the territorial defense of Troyeschina, he patrolled at night with a machine gun and slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. Now he looks after the pets of his friends, his own cat, and helps an old neighbor take out the trash and buy groceries.

Despite this guy’s Zaporizhzhian origins, he does not plan to leave Kyiv. “Recently, I woke up and realized: I was born in independent Ukraine in 1993, and I will die in independent Ukraine, whatever it may be,” says Yura.

Source: Humans of Kyiv

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