To Defenders of Freedom

Yaryna Vyshenska launches Sylni (Strong) movement to help victims of rape by Russian troops

Yaryna works as a communication specialist; she runs her own agency and popularizes her knowledge. A few years ago, she traveled across Ukraine lecturing on sex education. On February 24, the girl and her partner were on winter vacation in Turkey when she found out about the Russian invasion and, later, about the rape crimes of the Russian military. The girl could only speak about her shock in posts. Her reaction began to gain traction: people addressed personal messages, shared posts, and told their own stories. Yaryna decided to act.

First, the girl announced a fundraiser to help the rape victims. In four days, she raised one and a half million hryvnias. She got in touch with NGOs and developed a work plan. The Sylni project currently has four components: financial, psychological, legal assistance, and support in disseminating information in the media about rape. The primary mission is to encourage victims of sexual violence to talk about the crimes committed against them by Russians.

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