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War journalist Tetiana Nakonechna did not stop working even after coming under rocket fire

ICTV Facts journalist Tetiana Nakonechna was on a business trip to eastern Ukraine when Russia’s full-scale invasion began. Then the woman and her team went to the town of Shchastia, which had been under enemy fire for several days. On the way back to Kyiv, Tetiana was on the air several times, and when there was no connection, she recorded audio and sent it to her colleagues at the TV channel.

Almost every day Tetiana risks her life by covering events on the frontline. The journalist admitted that the film crew had recently come under rocket fire. Missiles fell very close, her colleagues counted about half a dozen strikes. It was a typical filming session, during which the team filmed military personnel — tankers. At the onset of the missile strike, the journalists had just been planning to leave.

“We were running, and a rocket exploded very close behind us. One rocket flew over our heads, and all of us just hit the ground and lay in the grass. I first stood on the asphalt, and then ran into the grass. It’s funny to me now, that I just automatically ran into some thickets because it seemed to me that if I don’t see it, if l just put my head in the grass, then it’s not there,” the journalist says.

According to Tetiana, she and the team had previously come under fire, but the explosions from the missiles are incomparable with anything else. The journalist added that our defenders, men and women, who are fighting on the frontline help her not to give up. Her belief in victory and desire to announce the good news live to the whole country also lend considerable strength.

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