To Defenders of Freedom

Volunteer and businessman Oleksandr Kononov, who had at one time been released from an LPR prison, was shot dead in his own home

When Russia came to the Luhansk region with war in 2014, Oleksandr delivered food and medicine to the Ukrainian military. He had already been living with a work injury for almost 10 years — his right arm and left leg are missing. In the Luhansk region, he and his wife were captured by LPR militants, and he spent 98 days in captivity and under torture.

After his liberation, Oleksandr built a new life in the Zhytomyr region. He bought a cottage, raised goats, and set up a cheesemaking operation. But his heart called him home, and he returned to his native Donbas. The full-scale Russian invasion thwarted all of his plans. He was killed in his own home in a village near Severodonetsk. Simply sitting in his wheelchair.

Eternal memory to a true patriot of Donbas.

Source: The Ukrainians

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