To Defenders of Freedom

Volodymyr, Kyiv resident, gathered a team of volunteers to buy food for people in need

Vova Khorbaladze, a lawyer and resident of the capital, was volunteering at the train station when the full-scale invasion began. One day he went to the supermarket to buy some stuff for himself. There, he understood that he has enough money to buy something for someone else. In a few hours, he bought food for 3 people. He took photos of elderly people, wrote down their stories, and posted them on his social media.

Suddenly, people began to send him money. In 24 hours, he gathered 170 thousand hryvnias. He decided to scale up this activity: he gathered a team of more than a dozen of volunteers and launched a few different types of volunteering.

In the first case, people buy products for elderly people right in the supermarket. In the second, people deliver food all around Kyiv. Finally, a team of volunteers delivers food to the villages affected by the Russian occupation.

Everyone who is assisted by the team is photographed and their story is added to the general report. The team also records data on collected money and purchases. They try to volunteer while they still have the necessary funds, but so far, people have donated more than 1 million hryvnias.

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