To Defenders of Freedom

Vitalii Panko, a police officer produces silencers for the military in his free time

Vitalii Panko is a sergeant and an employee of the patrol police in the Sambir rayon, Lviv oblast. While on leave, he decided to pick up a hobby to support the Ukrainian Army. Vitalii set up and equipped a small workshop at home. Using an old lathe and drilling machine, he makes silencers and sends them to the front. Neighbor Mykhailo helps Vitalii.

Produced devices are suitable for Kalashnikov assault rifles and machine guns. They are especially useful for scouts as they silence sound and smoke from the shot. To make one silencer you need from 8 to 10 hours. Vitalii’s story is just more proof that everyone is making a contribution to victory against the occupiers, either in their work or free time.

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