To Defenders of Freedom

Vasyl from Zakarpattia, who has two prosthetic legs, volunteered to join the fight

In 2004, while working in Russia, Vasyl Shtefko lost both his legs and returned home to his native village of Kushnytsia in the Irshava region with prosthetics. When Russia invaded Ukraine, the 55-year-old man joined the army, saying he only had one prosthetic.

“At one time, I served in the army; I can shoot, I drive well. People who don’t see the prosthetics don’t even know I don’t have legs. Here I am a sergeant and a driver and I serve in the fire support company. In his time, my father ‘illegally’ went to the front in World War II. He was 15 years old, but he said he was 18.” Mr. Vasyl’s wife and 11-year-old daughter are waiting for him at home. They are worried but also proud that he is defending his country.

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