To Defenders of Freedom

Ukrainian defender came right from the frontline to visit his mom after the attack in Dnipro

Ukrainian serviceman Maksym Omelianenko served in Bakhmut, but urgently came to Dnipro to visit his mother in the hospital. She lives on the ninth flour of an apartment building building, hit by a Russian missile on January 14, and survived the attack.

According to Maksym, his mother is currently in intensive care in a stable condition, and he hopes for positive dynamics of her recovery.

The soldier said he is used to seeing destroyed residential buildings on the frontline. In particular, in Bakhmut, almost no residential buildings are left undamaged. But it is much harder to imagine in the rear. “I couldn’t convey my emotions when I found out it my building, my section” says in an interview Omelianenko.

Maksym thanked his commanders, who let him go to Dnipro as soon as they learned about the tragedy. The serviceman was already on his way when he found out that his mother was among the victims. About 4 hours after the tragedy, Maksym received a video from the scene, and he saw that his mother miraculously survived and was stuck in the wreckage.

Omelianenko added that as soon as he settles things at home, he should return to the frontline to keep defending Ukraine from Russian invasion.

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