To Defenders of Freedom

Ukrainian defender blew himself and the radio station up in Mariupol rather than surrender it to the Russian occupiers

45-year-old lieutenant colonel and border guard Ihor Dashko was a native of Sambir in the Lviv oblast. He began his military service in Mariupol in 1999 and worked there for more than 10 years. The man returned here a month before the full-scale Russian invasion.

Defending the Motherland from invaders, on April 9, Ihor blew himself up at the radio station in Mariupol. He was surrounded by Russian soldiers and severely injured. After covering his group’s retreat, the defender did not want Russian occupants to take the radio station. His last words were “Glory to Ukraine!”

The president of Ukraine awarded Ihor Dashko with the title of “Hero of Ukraine.” Our nation will never forget this selfless feat.

Eternal glory to you, Hero!

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