To Defenders of Freedom

Ukrainian band and winner of Eurovision 2022 Kalush Orchestra called on the world to save the Ukrainian military from Azovstal from the stage of the competition

who will host eurovision 2023

The song “Stephania” became known in Europe and worldwide long before the competition, and other participants even sang it before Eurovision 2022.

Stefania mum mum Stefania
The field blooms, but she is turning grey
Sing me a lullaby mum
I want to hear your native word

“Stefania” lyrics (English translation)

Kalush Orchestra

Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine pose after winning the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy, May 15, 2022. REUTERS / Yara Nard

After an emotional performance, the frontman Oleg Psiuk addressed the world from the stage of the European competition. He called for the rescue of Ukrainian service members and medics from the Azovstal plant. The defenders are in a bomb shelter in the occupied city of Mariupol, suffering from hunger, lack of medicine and water, and terrible sanitation. Many soldiers have already died and continue to die almost daily. It is known about 600 wounded soldiers in the territory of Azovstal.

Ukrainians, international organizations, and world leaders call for the extraction process. The procedure stipulates that the military will be withdrawn to another country with the guarantee that they will no longer take part in hostilities until the end of the war.

However, Russia does not agree to extraction for the defenders of Mariupol.

We thank the artists for their courage! We call for support for the humanitarian mission to release the military from Azovstal!

The Ukrainian band got the maximum number of points from the audience and won the competition. So if you are asked where Eurovision will be held in 2023, you know the answer. In Ukraine.

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