To Defenders of Freedom

The mother and daughter who appeared on the cover of Time magazine managed to get in touch with their rescuer. 19-year-old soldier Vlad had helped them evacuate from Irpin’

Until February 24, pair Yulia and Oleh Pavlyuk enjoyed a happy life in the town of Irpin’. There they raised their 6-month-old daughter, took walks in the quaint streets and parks, and took care of their apartment. When the war came to their city, the family decided to evacuate in the first days.

They walked to the outskirts of Irpin’. Then the wife and daughter were given a ride, and the husband got to the right place on his own, from where he was going to get to Kyiv. During the shelling, the military helped Yulia and Emma. When the girl cried, one of the soldiers even took her in his arms to calm her down. This image went viral as the cover of a famous magazine.

To be on the safe side, the family went to Rivne. Grateful for the help of an unknown soldier, they worried for his safety. After telling local journalists his story, the man contacted them himself. 19-year-old Vlad, who lives with his family in Rivne region, turned out to be a brave defender. The Pavlyuk family and their daughter went to visit the boy’s parents and sisters to meet and express their gratitude. Both families are now waiting for Vlad to return. Everyone is convinced of Ukraine’s victory.

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