To Defenders of Freedom

The hero of the popular Ukrainian “This is disgusting” meme is fighting for independence in the east of the country

In 2014, Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula and started a war in the Donbas. In one and a half years, the dollar-to-hryvnia exchange rate has almost tripled. Ivan Martynov commented on the economic situation in the country to local journalists. His phrase “This is disgusting”, said in surzhyk (a mixture of the Ukrainian and Russian languages used in some areas of Ukraine), became a legendary meme. On the Internet, the guy received the nickname “Chotky Patsa from Rivne” (“A cool dude from Rivne”). But Ivan’s choice for his life path is very serious.

The guy was an active participant in the Revolution of Dignity. At the time of the famous interview, he was returning home from volunteering. Ivan also served in a volunteer battalion and recently completed a five-year contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On February 24, three months after his war leave, the man received a call from the village council. He did not even have time to finish his coffee and went to the military enlistment office. Now Ivan serves as an infantryman. After victory, he dreams of getting married and traveling — to see the world without occupiers.

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