To Defenders of Freedom

The hairdresser from the capital Volodymyr continues to work: he rides a bicycle through the city and nearby villages and tries to avoid shells

Before the great war, Volodymyr Kravchenko had his own clients in the barbershop and played with friends in the band. The latter is missed the most, because at least the man managed to resume his work a little — once a friend offered to cut hair for the military. Now Volodymyr rides a bicycle to meet with clients in Kyiv and surrounding villages. For these people, the man has already become a psychologist: someone shares experience of a lost job, someone shares volunteer successes.

Once a hairdresser came to a man in the village of Moshchun. The two of them talked about life and listened to the shells exploding outside. When on his own, Volodymyr struggles with fear through prayer or music, playing the guitar and the piano. He does not like to complain, but learns to accept what is happening here and now: “We need to get our mind around the best. Exercise to feel good, support each other in the family. That’s how we will win. “

Source: Reporters
Photo: Olha Omelyanchuk

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