To Defenders of Freedom

The 20-year-old fighter Volodymyr walked through the forest with a bullet in his heart for two days. Doctors in Kyiv managed to save the hero’s life

Volodymyr Gordienko

With the start of the full-scale invasion, Volodymyr Gordienko joined the army as a volunteer. When he and his fellow fighters drove into a village in the Kyiv region, the men were captured by the Russians. After 9 hours of interrogation, the occupiers released the Ukrainians, let them go to their car and immediately fired from their machine guns. One soldier was killed, Volodymyr and another soldier managed to escape, but a moment later the car was fired upon again, now with grenade launchers.

The man did not realize that he was injured right away. For two days he walked to the Zhytomyr region, where the residents of the local village took him first to the regional hospital, and then to the Kyiv’s “Feofania” hospital. Here, during the examination, doctors found that a steel rod from the bullet entered through the soldier’s back and was imbedded in the back wall of the most important organ. Civilian surgeons were worried about a complicated operation, so they had a contingency plan: in case of severe bleeding. They wanted to connect the patient to artificial circulation. But after a successful operation in the evening, Volodymyr could sit and the next day, he walked through the corridors of the hospital.

Volodymyr with doctors

On April 13, the soldier turned 21 years old. His greatest wish now is for his cousin, who is defending Mariupol, to stay alive. Volodymyr himself is currently undergoing a long rehabilitation.

Quick recovery and safety to all your loved ones, our hero!

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