Tetiana Antoniuk, whose spine was broken by the Russian occupiers, was able to get to Lviv and wants to continue volunteering after treatment

Mrs. Tetiana, 70, worked as a journalist during the war in Afghanistan. Later she volunteered with the Red Cross in the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone. The woman refused to leave occupied Kherson until May when her husband persuaded her to evacuate. Tetiana had time to collect her go bag and put it on the porch for the evacuation. According to her, a projectile hit her house later.

Mrs. Tetiana shows her photo of times before the war began. Photo from Suspilne media

At a Russian checkpoint, the military stopped the car she and other Kherson residents were taking. The occupiers took all valuables. When Tatiana refused to give up her Ukrainian passport, the Russians started beating her. The men punched her and kicked her once in the back. Later, during a medical examination, the woman learned that she had fractured her spine. She also partially lost her hearing, and doctors recorded severe head trauma. The woman ran away from the occupiers barefoot: when she fell, the occupier took off her boots.

Doctors helped Tetiana at the Ukrainian checkpoint. The woman had to cut her hair to stop the bleeding because doctors could not understand where the blood was coming from. In an emergency evacuation train, the woman reached Lviv, where she was hospitalized at St. Luke’s Hospital. Doctors say that the woman is determined. She says that she will not convalesce for long because there is no time to rest — volunteering is needed.

Get well soon, Mrs. Tetiana! All offenders will be punished!