To Defenders of Freedom

Sumy surgeon Andrii with his colleagues first saved the lives of the military, and now — the appearance of war victims

Until February 24, most of the operations in the Department of Vascular and Reconstructive Surgery of Sumy Regional Hospital were focused on aesthetic surgery. The head of the department, Andrii Nikolaienko, has been treating servicemen with severe vascular injuries since the beginning of hostilities in the city and the region — they had to literally save their lives. Physicians also performed surgical interventions on reconstructive surgery: injuries, scars, burns, large open wounds. When patients had a scar or other defect after treatment and rehabilitation, doctors cut out the flap and replaced the tissue defect.

Sumy surgeons Andrii and Dmytro.
Photo by Cukr media

Sumy doctors say that if there was competition for patients before, now Ukrainian specialists from all regions have united professionally. Vascular surgeon Dmytro Sichnenko says: “If a patient in a western part of Ukraine needs help, we turn to our colleagues in the region to get help as soon as possible. The support of foreign colleagues helps a lot — they have created a “Surgeons for support Ukraine” community and share materials for free, hold workshops, and send training videos.”

Vascular surgeon Dmytro Sichnenko shows his equipment.
Photo by Cukr media

Andrii shares his thoughts: “Our biggest motivation now is victory. And we believe that each of us should do what we do best to achieve it.”

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