To Defenders of Freedom

Sniper Olena Bilozerska fights for Ukraine since 2014

In 2014, Olena took up a weapon for the first time to protect Ukraine from its occupiers. At dawn on February 24 this year, her husband awoke her with the words “It has begun.” On the first day, the woman was recruiting new fighters. Her feelings were completely different than those of the last eight years because now the war was not only in the east of the country with a strong rear in Kyiv but very close to home.

Olena says that the number of women in the Ukrainian army grows — now their number reaches 17%. And many women go to the frontline. “No one knows when the war will finish. My opinion: it will last at least another year. And it will end, of course, with our victory — the restoration of control over Ukrainian territories within the internationally recognized borders, with Donbas and Crimea,” says the sniper.

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