To Defenders of Freedom

Roman Ratushnyi, Kyiv activist and defender of the local Protasiv Yar Park, died in the war with Russia

24-year-old Roman was well-known in the capital. As a teenager, he participated in the Revolution of Dignity in 2014. He later became a local activist. In particular, Roman revived the “Let’s Save Protasiv Yar” movement, thanks to which he managed to save the local park from the illegal construction of three 40-story buildings. He later founded an organization of the same name.

The Kyivan could not betray his principles even during the full-scale invasion. Roman decided to fight not only for his hometown, but for the whole country. He defended Kyiv and later fought in the Sumy region and took part in the deoccupation of the settlements of that region. From early April, Ratushnyi was fighting in the Kharkiv region and died in the battle of Izium on June 9.

Roman’s death was a colossal tragedy for many people. His body was brought to Kyiv on June 16, where his motorcade passed by the legendary Protasiv Yar and locals met the Hero with flowers, candles, and Ukrainian flags.

The inscription “Heroes do not die” appeared on the wall near Protasiv Yar. When a funeral service was held on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kyiv on June 18, hundreds of locals came to say their last goodbye to Roman.

Even after his death, Roman Ratushnyi inspired useful deeds. As a reaction to his death, benefactors transferred so much money to his mother’s bank accounts that Ms. Svitlana decided to transfer the money to Roman’s favorite media outlet. Therefore, the editor-in-chief of “Ukrayinska Pravda” (Ukrainian Truth), Vakhtanh Kipiani, launched an award in his name for young authors for publications about the history of Kyiv. And the media outlet “Novynarnia” (News’ Workshop) will create a “premium fund named for Roman Ratushnyi” to increase fees for reports on those who participated in the Russian-Ukrainian war on the side of Ukraine. In addition, Kyivans proposed to rename one of the city’s streets from Volhohradska to Roman Ratushnyi.

This guy became the personification of an entire generation. Young Ukrainians born after the collapse of the USSR did not experience Soviet pressure and propaganda. They profess democratic values. They believe in Ukrainian independence and the future of our country. They are educated and brave and they fight to the last. That was Roman Ratushnyi.

Eternal glory to the fallen hero!

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