To Defenders of Freedom

Opera singer Serhii Ivanchuk evacuated more than 100 Ukrainians with his car and lost his fingers to Russian gunfire when evacuating a medical clinic from Kharkiv

29-year-old Serhii doesn’t have any military experience. He recently returned from studying in Italy. But he has a car and he decided to use it. For the first two weeks of the full-scale Russian invasion, the volunteer evacuated around 100 people. He recalls driving people out, and two or three days later, their houses being destroyed by Russian missiles.

On March 10, he helped to take out equipment from a hospital in Kharkiv. The volunteer came under fire by Russian occupiers. He was shot in his legs, spine, lungs, and liver. Serhii also felt that he had lost fingers on one hand. But he says that he just couldn’t miss the chance to help peaceful civilians. Ukrainians are grateful to Serhii for saving their lives, and he is recovering and waiting for his diaphragm to heal, so he can perform on the stage again.

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