To Defenders of Freedom

Olha Semydianova, mother of 12 children and military medic, died in battle with the Russian occupiers

Olha was awarded the title of mother-heroine. The woman raised 6 of her own and 6 adopted children together with her husband who serves in the military. In 2015, she became a heroine for the second time, joining the ranks of military volunteers protecting Ukraine’s borders in Donetsk.

Olha died on March 3 on the border between the Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia regions. Relatives assert that she foresaw her death. A few hours before she died, Olha wrote to the children that she loved them very much and headed to a hot spot. She sent a backpack with her things home. She has not gotten in touch with anyone since.

Eternal glory to the heroine.

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