To Defenders of Freedom

Olha from Kyiv used her body as a shield to protect her daughter from the shelling and saved her life

Olha and Dmytro, together with their one-month-old daughter, live in one of the capital’s districts. They heard shelling the whole night of March 17th. In the morning, when the woman was feeding her daughter, an enemy shell landed near the five-story building where the family lives. Dmytro went down to the yard and saw that the shell had hit a kindergarten — the ceiling was gone and the windows and doors in the nearby houses were smashed. Pieces of glass flew in the family’s direction.

Olha shielded the baby with her body and protected her daughter from injuries. The woman herself received numerous shrapnel wounds. An ambulance took the family to the local children’s hospital Okhmatdyt, where the man had shrapnel wounds treated on his leg, and the woman underwent surgery to remove the shrapnel. Fortunately, the child remained unharmed and the family is currently receiving treatment.

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