To Defenders of Freedom

Olena, an obstetrician from Mykolaiv, delivered a baby amid shelling of the hospital

Olena, an obstetrician from Mykolaiv

On the evening of April 3, there were pregnant women in Mykolaiv City Hospital #5. When the doctors heard the distant sound of explosions, they immediately decided to transfer all the patients to the basement. And when the missile hit the hospital yard, fortunately, everyone was in the bomb shelter. While moving from the ward to the basement using the elevator, one of the women went into labor.

The obstetrician Olena and her colleagues helped deliver the baby on a spindle bed. All this time, the woman’s husband was there to provide support. You could hear explosions, walls cracking, and window glass and plaster falling down. Despite everything, the woman gave birth to a healthy girl. The young mother was impressed by the doctors’ work. The parents and their baby stayed under the doctors’ observation until morning.

The obstetrician Olena tells: “Of course, I do not consider myself a hero. You do not think about those things in such moments, you just provide aid and do everything possible in order for everyone to survive.”

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