To Defenders of Freedom

Oleh Butusin’s two sons died in the war with Russia, but the man continues to defend Ukraine

Oleh Butusin and his family moved from Russia to Ukraine in 2014. Before that, he would go to sea on a merchant ship and breed horses and cows, but because of his oppositional views to Putin’s regime, they threatened to take away his children. In Ukraine, Oleh with his wife and 12 children lived in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. In the first year after he moved to Ukraine, Russia annexed Crimea and launched attacks on Donbas, and he joined the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps not far from Donetsk.

Roman and Leonid, the defender’s sons, have served as volunteer defenders of Ukraine for more than a year. They died in a battle in the Chernihiv region in March 2022. Oleh came to the place where his children died, put up a cross, and took some soil with their blood to Kalush, the city where his family lives. Despite this horrible loss, the man refuses to leave the front: “The fight goes on, glory to our future victory!”

Eternal glory to the heroes!

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