To Defenders of Freedom

Mykyta joins the resistance as a nurse volunteer at “Hospitaller”

“For the 24th of February, my alarm clock was set for 6 am, a commercial photoshoot was planned. At 5 am, I woke up to the sounds of an explosion, and it began. I had had two very tough days of shooting. I had hardly slept and was not alert at all. I had planned to rest a lot on the weekend. Now I volunteer as a nurse at “Hospitaller” in Kyiv. We have little sleep, even if there is not much work. 

Your organism and mind slowly reset to combat mode, and you can get the necessary amount of energy from anywhere. Sometimes it still seems like some kind of nightmare from which I will wake up, and then I understand that only all together we will bring it to an end”.

Source: Humans of Kyiv

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