To Defenders of Freedom

Musician and environmental activist Pavlo took up arms to defend his land

Pavlo Vyshebaba

Pavlo Vyshebaba comes from Kramatorsk. Prior to 2014, the man moved to Kyiv, and during these years he has volunteered for the military. At the same time, he is an environmental activist and opposes the production of natural fur. On the second day of the full-scale invasion, Pavlo took his family to safety. Now the man is in Slobozhanshchyna, that is bordering his native Donbass, where he is defending his land with weapons in his hands.

In addition, in April, Pavlo’s band “One planet orchestra” released an album “My War”. In it, the man tried to tell about his own feelings and convey the pain of people in the occupied territories and in the rear. He calls all these events a catastrophe and at the same time a great feat of our people.

“These extremes, between which we are, are a very unusual moment in history that will be remembered hundreds of years in advance. I wish everyone peace. We will definitely win!”

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