To Defenders of Freedom

Maxym Shevchenko from Irpin evacuated up to 12 locals in a car under Russian shelling

When the Russian military began shelling the town of Irpin, Maxym was taking people and animals out in his car. In local chats, he searched for evacuation requests and responded to calls. When the connection in the city disappeared, the guy walked the streets under the occupiers’ attack. Maxym saw with his own eyes broken houses, cars, and dead acquaintances.

At first, Maxym wore white armbands, but after the death of his friend Pasha Lee realized: it would not help. When Maxym’s car was also shot, he took his godfather’s car. The same fate awaited this car. A local man gave his car to Maxym. Sometimes he took out 1 person at a time, and sometimes 12. Maxym does not consider himself a hero — the guy says that someone had to do this job.

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