To Defenders of Freedom

Local utility workers in Kharkiv planted trees and flowers sent as a gift by Mrs. Nadiya from Ivano-Frankivsk

Ms. Nadiya

In early April, Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov said that even the war would not prevent the planting of flowers in the city. It is the job of the “Kharkivzelenbud” utility company employees. But to help with greening, Mrs. Nadiya Krupenych from the town of Burshtyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region, decided to send her own seedlings to the city. The woman brought trees to the post office — apple trees, cherries, peaches and many hibiscuses. Mrs. Nadiya is crying out of sympathy for the residents of the city, which is still suffering from Russian attacks, but wants to help in a way that is accessible to her.


And on April 14, utility workers pleased with the news: they planted the donated flowers. Arina, a gardener who works at the company and was also involved in planting, says: “I hope that this is the reunification of Ukraine — the east and the west. We have never had quarrels with them and we have always been friends.” And as a sign of gratitude, Mrs. Nadiya was promised to get seedlings of new flowers.

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