To Defenders of Freedom

Kyivan Aliona organized a massive clean-up in Irpin after the occupation

Aliona Osipova was born in Kyiv. Here she studied at the university, led a branch of a company, and participated in the Revolution of Dignity. Her volunteering experience for the first time happened 10 years ago when she helped to get blood donations for her friends’ child who was diagnosed with cancer.

On the first days of the full-scale invasion, there were street fights with saboteurs in front of her house. The woman with her kids and pets refused to leave the city. In the beginning, she washed clothes for the territorial defense. When the Kyiv region was liberated from the occupants and Irpin was demined, Aliona decided to help clean up the city.

It is in Irpin that she volunteered when the pandemic began and she brought products to the locals. The Kyivan gathered volunteers, found the equipment, and for 3 weeks, they cleaned up ruined buildings and shelled cars. They brought mattresses for locals who lost their homes. Now it’s up to the government to bring the city back to life.

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