To Defenders of Freedom

“Kyiv Zoopatrol” volunteers rescue abandoned animals from locked apartments and houses.

When the full-scale Russian invasion began, Ukrainians en masse began to leave for safer places in the Western part of Ukraine or abroad. Many were not able to take care of their pets. Some hoped to return soon. Activists from Kyiv decided to rescue abandoned cats and dogs. For example, with the consent of homeowners and the presence of neighbors, relatives, or friends, they unlock doors. If they cannot get in touch with the owners, they bore holes in the windows or in the front door to feed and give water to the animals.

The activists urge people to inform them through their social media pages about abandoned neighboring animals in other cities in the oblast as well. They also advise people who can help the neighboring animals themselves. By the end of February, the volunteers managed to receive and process more than 700 requests to rescue animals. They have no plans to abandon their noble cause.

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