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Kateryna Melnyk from Zaporizhzhia spent five hours under the rubble of a destroyed residential building

Due to a missile attack by Russian forces on a residential building in Zaporizhzhia, more than ten apartments were destroyed, including Kateryna’s one. The woman was under the rubble for 5 hours until the rescuer heard and saved her.

In a comment to Suspilne, Kateryna said that her apartment on the second floor was covered with debris from the upper floors. The woman was at home with her boyfriend. After a missile hit, he was thrown into the entrance by a blast wave, and could get out on his own.

“He was immediately taken to the hospital because of a severe head wound. I received medical help at the scene. People offered me clothes, food, personal hygiene items, a place to live… I have friends, a godfather, and a godmother, so I can stay with them. I feel okay, actually: my wound was treated – just some blood left on my hair. Only the back hurts – I have a bruised chest, but my ribs are intact. I think I’m very lucky. It could have been much worse,” said Kateryna.

All those hours under the rubble, Kateryna was hugging one of her cats. The other two are currently missing.

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