To Defenders of Freedom

Journalist Oksana, photographer Sasha, and their cat walked 22 kilometers past Russian checkpoints to flee occupied Bucha

Bucha is located 25 kilometers from Kyiv. This once cozy town took the first major blow of the Russian invasion. On the way to Kyiv, the occupiers ruthlessly destroyed homes, roads, and residents. Oksana and her partner Sasha spent almost 11 days in a bomb shelter. It was there, to the sounds of shelling, that they decided to get married. At the earliest opportunity, they united with their “neighbors” and decided to walk to unoccupied territory. They walked over 22 kilometers without any weapons, protection, or military escort, with only white “peace” armbands.

“We are safe now. It’s hard to get used to the fact that we are in a normal place, not a basement. It seems like we’ll wake up soon, and it all was a dream, and we are still there.”

Source: Zaborona

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